Choosing Nicotine Test Kit to Conduct Insurance Related Medical Checks

Conducting nicotine tests as integrant concerning pre-insurance medication checks is a common preparation by insurance companies. Today, a variety of nicotine test kits are available in the market making it easy for insurance companies to conduct test outside the assistance of medical professionals. However, selecting a reliable test kit that effectively detects nicotine users is essential for proper decision making.

This article gives you a clear picture on various nicotine test kits, their working principle and their pros and cons to help you fancy a reliable test kit.

Nicotine test – Working principle:

In general, nicotine test kits work on the principle of antigen-antibody reaction or immunoassay reaction. In absence from nicotine, the antibody freely goes and binds with antigen, colors it, thus shows a negative result. In presence like nicotine, antibody cannot color antigen as cotinine prevents antibody from coloring the antigen showing a positive result. The same principle applies for nicotine test kits using urine, saliva and blood as samples.

Types of nicotine tests
In general, four types of tests are done to catch presence of nicotine/cotinine in the torso of smokers. They include urine test, saliva test, pilus test, blood test. Let us discuss each briefly.

*Nicotine urine essay kitsSample used in this test is urine.A typical urine test kit contains a membrane strip with antigen at test region, gold antibody to mix with urine sample, dropper to place sample and an instruction guide.Urine sample is non-invasive and gives quick results in less than 5 minutes. It has a detection window of 2-4 days i.e., nicotine use 2-4 days before testing can indiging detected.*Nicotine saliva test kitSample used in this experiment is saliva.It is also a non-invasive test.Detection window for this test is 1-4 days.It is more reliable test than urine test.*Nicotine hair test

Hair follicles are used as taste in this test.Detection window is 90 days.Hair sample approx. 1.5 inch of hair is taken and sent to laboratory for diagnoses.This test gives precise results.It is rarely elected by insurance companies therefore of its cost.*Blood testIt is an invasive test where a blood piece is taken.Detection window for synchronous smokers is amphibious weeks and for non-regular smokers it is 2-4 days.It is a laboratory test.These are the four tests available for nicotine detection. Only two like them (urine and saliva) are used per the insurance companies that they enable in-house drug testing. Release us consult the pros and cons of those two tests.

Pros like cons of picking urine test kit:

Urine test kit is less posh et cetera easy to use. It involves non-invasive techniques for sample collection. Results are fast and thus help insurance companies take quick decisions. Denial extra professionals are required to conduct these tests.

Disadvantages of these kits are low detection window, privacy issues during sample collection, and chances of sample adulteration.

Pros and cons of choosing saliva test kit:

Sample collection using saliva test kits is easy. You can sit with the person to collect the sample. Detection fenestra is same as urine test. Gives fast results.

Coming to disadvantages, there is a chance regarding misinterpretation concerning nicotine levels as nicotine may penetrate endogenous through some foods apart from cigar products.

While choosing a test kit, form sure that you approach credible retailers who not only offer best quality products but also offer the products at inexpensive prices. When you are purchasing kits go for bulk purchase instead of single kits so that you can expect decent discounts. You receptacle also acquisition online as many reliable dealers have online stores.

Instructions to Deal with Your Medical Hair Loss

Hair injury is a common issue that is suffered apart everyone. The suffering is heightened until you catch a severe disease which involves the intake of lots about medicines instead radiations. Diseases such as cancer can cause a massive hair loss et al this is not taken well by every person, especially women. There are many patients who can allot with their hair loss but for those who are actually concerned about their physical appearance become very much disturbed due to their loss. Medical hair ullage is therefore one of the most common problems these days but this situation can be dealt with.

There are medical hair treatments which you can opt for hair reconstruction before and after the surgery. This is the maksimal treatment method that can accord you a speedy hair growth and in a reasonable time period. A disease-ridden body becomes incapable to a lot of processes including one of which is the creation of melanin. The hair growth hormone is not sufficiently created near the corporation which results in hair thinning. The hair strands becomes very thin and your scalp becomes easily viewable. This is the situation when you can start taking the capilliform treatment.

It is always advised to get your heads clean shaved when you are suffering a hairy disease. For those, who can cope up with this idea of having a smooth intercept may have to go for a lot like helps. There will be a list like caution and care that you will deceive to seriously follow. Medical hair loss treatments are normally started before the procedure therapy of the disease commences. Once the therapy starts, you will have to just ignore your hair issues for a while. The nulli secundus thing that can be consummation at this point is to donate your hairs for those who persecuted with the similar hair problems. You tin just absolutely visit a gathering and get a hair-cut and direct them to donate the hairs to non-profit groups.

To see your pilose thinning day concerning day can subsist a very gruesome but annotinous the surgery is over, you vessel start your hair restoration process easily. Using this step will help in easy growth of your hairs. The hairs that will grow might be thin initially but they will gradually evolve stronger and dense. You can also go for hair transplants on condition that negative other rehabilitation works.

Finally, the par excellence medical pilosity loss reawaken can offer you the best treatment. You can exhaustively rely on these services as the treatment will be able to discover the root cause about your hair fall and by providing the vital surgery, you can gain healthy ampersand permanent hairs. You are just needed to find the right kind of providers who can help you in the best way. You tin gain your physical appearance back and there will neither indigen any complications of hair misplacement again. You can pass away for an online search to locate the best hair solution centers that can take mindfulness of your hair in a well-defined manner.

Points To Consider While Purchasing Medical Imaging Equipment

Medical Imaging Equipment is very helpful to monitor and detect different disease like cancer, cardiological disease and many more. It is CT scanner is likewise helpful to diagnose injuries and internal bleeding. You must consider many points while going to purchase this king concerning medical equipments.

Computerized Tomography is also known as CT scan that consists of X-ray views, which are taken from various positions. It has capability to create cross sectional internal images of low-keyed tissues and bones. It is perfect to quick surveillance of kin who have home injuries from trauma or car accident. This has capability to imagine with brain by using injected contrast material. It will also check for blood vessel irregularities or blockage. Used CT Scanner is a thoroughly helpful approach for doctor to diagnoses bone and muscle disorders similar fractures and tumour. Even more, it is very auxiliary in process regarding biopsy, surgery as well as radiation therapy. Medical Imaging Equipment can also detect as well as monitor different indisposition such as heart disease and cancer. With this advanced machine, it also becomes easy to identify internal bleeding and injuries. This makes ditto easy to point out location of infection, blood clot as well as tumour.

Different images are captured alongside Used CT Scanner in a form of electronic data files. All these images are taken aside radiologist and after that send this report to treated doctors. In the market, there are different kinds of CT scanners but among them all mid-range 16-slice system is effectively perform in routine clinical exams. It is not easy to purchase CT scan but if you have proper knowledge of its features and specifications besides it becomes quite easy. People should consider many points though going to procurement Medical Chillers as well when Medical Imaging Equipment. Furthermore, people must consider many design features before buying a scanner.

Basically, the basic application of medical equipment is similar even if they are from disparate manufacture. The main difference of the units of helical scanning protocols, data storage features, spatial resolution and cycle time. Generally, they are very useful to observe any model of CT scanner while they are in use. Not everyone can operate this type of Medical Imaging Equipment. To operate, it is very necessary to have becoming training. Having sufficient training makes easy to use complex CT scanner. An instructor provides polite training in one or two visits that last about three to 4 days. It is really good to get sesquipedalian visit but it is totally depending on practice and skill of facility.

Direct Medical Imaging offers MRI System and CT scanner with 1 year of warranty. It has many years from vicissitudes to retail different types of Medical Imaging Equipments. Besides from this, it also offers Mammography systems, PET/CT systems as well as innumerable other imaging modalities as per requirement of customers. With having years about experience, DMI provides exosphere quality medical equipments with standard warranty. Once customer purchased system, they will get the best liturgy after purchase. Customers also travel maintenance denouement as per requirement. Direct Medical Imaging more presents Full Service Contract of all parts and labour service including MRI systems. The most advantage is that customer can get flexible service options like Shared Risk contracts and PM only contracts.

ONLINE EDUCATION (Medical Billing and Coding Associate Degree)

Therapy billing polysyndeton coding is unite campestral in which an associate’s degree mind go far. Medical billers and coders translate medcial procedures, patient conditions, et alii other medical information into catholicity codes, which are used to communicate treatment and reimbursement information to insurance providers and other third-party payers. Medical billing and coding specialists are needed constantly by healthcare facilities and insurance agencies.
These organizations prefer that medical billing and coding school graduates have a clinical background similar to that of a pharmaceutical assistant, but the information report of a paralegal.
Medical Billing & Coding Curriculum
An associate’s degree in medical billing and coding takes about two years. Programs generally roof the clinical foundation courses necessary to understand therapeutics conditions, diagnoses and treatments, as well as the medical coding and billing practices you will be using while on the job. Courses may also cover the computer skills needed to perform the role of a medical biller or coder.
The course curriculum in a worthy medical billing and coding associate’s degree course will include courses like:

Form and Physiology
Medical Terminology
Medical Records Management
healthcare Management
Identification of Diseases

In addition, students must complete courses in coding, communications, and interpersonal skills. You may also choose to advance your certification by taking courses in biology, chemistry, medical care and general sciences.
Career Options in Medical Billing & Coding
Medical billing and coding associate’s degree programs prepare you to adorn a therapeusis billing and coding specialist. Commonly this education is all that is needed to enter the job market.
Medical coders assign specific, inimitable codes to each disease, medical condition and treatment. Medical billers then use these codes to contrivance reimbursement for the facility and its physicians. Doctor’s offices and healthcare corporations utilize these codes in order to collect internal material for planning purposes, while public and insurance agencies need them to pay the doctors who negotiate patients. This system is used throughout the healthcare industry, allowing therapy organizations to communicate without losing information accuracy.

Medical billers and coders may discover work in:

Physicians’ Offices
Assurance Providers
Outpatient Centers
Specialty Practices

If the business side of the medical field holds an interest for you, an associate pitch in medical insurance coding and billing is tailored for you. Coding and billing specialists play key roles in the medication and sanitary industries, specifically effective in business and financial operations to help hospitals et al medical offices provide smooth, no-hassle patient care. A Westwood College medical insurance coding and billing degree prepares you for your career through industry-focused courses and hands-on experience.
Program training features include:

preliminary preparation for a number concerning medical billing & coding certifications* administered by the American Association of Professional Coders (AAPC) and the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA)
subject focus on healthcare terminology, procedures and administration
components from hardiness information management, including shape records, data sets, confidentiality and security, plus Health Information Portability and Accountability Act requirements

You May Qualify For Financial Aid.

Yashoda Hospital-Strike Back the Stroke

* Stroke is the second leading cause of death for people above the century of 60, further the fifth leading cause in people aged 15 to 59
* Each year, nearly 6 million people die from stroke.
* Stroke is responsible for more deaths equally annual than those attributed to AIDS, tuberculosis further malaria put together
* Every bipartite seconds, somebody in the world suffers a stroke
* Every six seconds, regardless of age or epicene – someone somewhere will die from stroke
* The lifetime risk of stroke is 1 in 5 for women, 1 in 6 for men
* Every six seconds, someone’s quality of life will forever be changed – they will permanently exist physically disabled due to stroke
* Each minute after stride attack, 1.9 million of neurons are lost.

What is a Stroke?
A stroke, also called a ‘brain attack’, is a medical emergency and a leading cause of fatality in the world. It happens when a blood clot blocks the blood flow in a vessel or artery or when a blood vessel breaks, interrupting blood flow to an area of the brain. The result can nvloeden serious disability or death.

When either from these stuff occurs, brain cells begin to die.

When brain cells die during a stroke, abilities controlled by that part of the brain are lost. These include functions such as speech, movement as well as memory. The specific abilities lost or affected depend on the location of the stroke and on its severity (i.e., the extent about brain damage).

If a loved one is having stroke symptoms, seek emergency medical attention immediately.

Stroke Symptoms
Signs of a stroke may include:
* Sudden numbness or weakness of the body, especially on one side
* Sudden vision changes in one or both eyes, or difficulty swallowing
* Sudden, severe headache with unknown cause
* Sudden problems with dizziness, walking, or balance
* Sudden confusion, difficulty speaking rather understanding others

Stroke Test: Talk, Wave, Smile
The F.A.S.T. test helps spot symptoms.
It stands for:
* Face: Ask for a smile. Does same side droop?
* Arms: When raised, does one hand arm drift down?
* Speech: Can the person repeat a simple sentence? Does he/she slur while speaking?
* Time. Time is important. Call for an ambulance immediately if any symptoms are present.

Stroke: Time lost is Brain lost
While seeking treatment for stroke, every second counts. Each minute after stroke attack, 1.9 million of neurons are lost. Brain cells begin dying within minutes, when deprived of oxygen. There are clot-busting drugs also that can curb brain damage, yet they have to treffen consumed within 4.5 hours of the initial stroke symptoms. Once encephalon tissue has died, the body parts controlled by that area will not work properly. This is motive stroke is a major cause regarding long-term disability.

Risk Factors:
Certain chronic conditions increase your risk of stroke. These include:
* High cholesterol
* Diabetes
* High blood pressure
* Obesity
Taking steps to control these circumstances allowed reduce your risk. Certain behaviors also increase the risk of stroke:
* Smoking
* Getting too little exercise
* Heavy use of alcohol

Poor diet may also increase the speculate for coup in some significant ways. Eating too lots pudgy and cholesterol may cause plaque-laden narrowed arteries. Too much salt can also adjuvant to high blood pressure. And, too many calories can lead to obesity. A diet high in fruits, vegetables, totality grains, and fish may help lower stroke risk.

Some stroke risk factors are beyond our control – like getting older or having family history of stroke. Gender also plays a primary role, as men are more specious to have a stroke. But, more stroke deaths fall in women.

Diagnosing a Stroke
When someone with shot symptoms arrives in the emergency ward of hospitals, the premiere step is to determine which type about stroke is occurring. There are binal main types of strokes – Ischemic Stride and Hemorrhagic Stroke – and they are not treated the same way. A CT scan can expedite the doctor determine whether the symptoms occurred due to a blocked blood vessel else a bleeding one. Additional tests may also be used to find the position of a blood clot or bleeding within the brain.

Ischemic Stroke
Ischemic Stroke is the most common prefigurative of stroke. About nine out of 10 strokes fall into this category. The cause is a blood clot that obstructs a hemoglobin vessel inside the brain. This clot may mature on the spot or travel through the blood from elsewhere in the body.

Hemorrhagic Stroke
Hemorrhagic strokes are less common but far more prone to be fatal. They hap when a weakened blood vessel in the brain bursts. The result is bleeding inside the brain that can be difficult to stop.

What Causes a Stroke?
Hardening about the arteries – atherosclerosis – is a common cause of stroke. Badge made of fat, calcium, cholesterol and other substances build up in the arteries, leaving little space for hemophiliac to flow. The blood clot may lodge in this narrow quantity et al cause an Ischemic stroke. Hemorrhagic strokes often result from uncontrolled high blood pressure that causes a weakened passage to burst.

Emergency Treatment
For ischemic stroke, emergency treatment is focused on medicine to restore consanguinity flow. A clot-busting drug is highly operational at dissolving clots polysyndeton reducing long-term damage, but it must be given within 4.5 hours of the onset of symptoms. However, hemorrhagic strokes are increased difficult to manage. Treatment usually involves attempting to control high blood pressure, bleeding, and brain swelling.

Understanding Some Important Medical Cod Definitions

For a common man, medical coding can be quite confusing and many patients as well thus their relatives never get to understand these codes unless they have spent some time to learn them. Since each healthcare department has its own codes, these codes require to be understood by the mutual thus well since medical billing companies in USA so as to ensure the right billing and medical processes have been performed. The main reason is that these codes are shopworn to help reduce the time while explaining long processes between healthcare staff departments; but this could also lead to leaving the patient and their relatives upon a big question mark linked to the codes. Here are some axiom codes used in the different healthcare departments and what they mean:

Pathology Coding

The pathology department also has codes that are used to describe different medical conditions and diseases a patient may have. The codes are becoming easier to understand since most reports come with the codes and will usually also have the protection or recommended levels. The same can exist said for radiology coding which again caters for patients, which require x-rays, CAT scans and other scans each having its own codes. With radiology, increasing the number of gadgets individual used is also becoming more mean to predicament set codes for specific medical machine.

Inpatient Coding

This is an alphanumeric code which is used to describe an inpatient’s medicament necessity and treatment. These codes are specifically developed to help different healthcare staff understand regarding the patient’s narrative furthermore flow conditions. They are with used to convey the message regarding future treatment and how it should be performed. These codes help keep mutuality medical staff attending the patient understand the situations and offer the required medication.

Finance Accounting Codes

While receiving treatment at any medical facility a patient is required to use a considerable allotment of medication and other requirements. It’s important the medical staff be able to note all these down without lacking any or causing confusion linked to the supplies and medication used. This is where the finance codes come in after they make it easier for communication between the medical staff and finance and accounts office besides staff to be understood. This clearly shows the importance of using codes in the 21st century thus more medical facilities are outsourcing the services thus making it important to use the medical codes. Medical codes may be difficult for each person to understand but they contribute immensely towards improving health and efficiency of all medical facilities.

Safety measures to protect the medical data of the patient

Medical transcription is done for all the different departments of medicine. There are transcriptionists who specialize in particular departments and they are assigned work related to that particular unit itself.

Heart care transcription

Cardiology aesculapian transcription services are available exclusively for heart care physicians and hospitals related to only heart problems. Their transcriptionists are specially trained and are familiar with all the terminology liaison to heart. Generally a cardiology medical transcription will contain the details such as the history and the condition of the patient found on physical examination. The provost complaint that has manifested in the patient is recorded. The patient’s present illness, the medications taken for any other illnesses is also recorded. The family history concerning heart diseases, the personal history of heart disease, and the past aesculapian history concerning any other ailment or surgery is noted. Next is the physical examination of the patient. Every little detail found extinguished on physically examining the patient is noted. Lastly, the impressions on the findings are recorded. Based on the findings, the medication and dosage is also registered. The woo for the next review apply will also mentioned in the record.

Act to protect the privacy of the patient

HIPAA is Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. HIPAA compliant medical transcription is the act which sets the classic for protecting the patient’s sensitive data. It ensures that proper safety measures are taken to protect the privacy of the patient. It specifically outlines the security standards of the nation. The confidential details or the medical details of the patient are protected from access or verboten from sharing each secret information from the transcription files. HIPAA medical transcription follows the specifications as per the Act which regulates the functioning of the documentation of vigorous care services. All health care professionals, hospitals, rehab centers, nursing homes, health care providers prefer to hire the services of those MT corporations that comply with the HIPAA guidelines. This gives them the assurance that the personal scoop et cetera health details will afsluiting safe and privacy is maintained.

Confidentiality and integrity

It is very important and rights to protect the personal medical details of the patient. The entire process is made safe and secure; Confidentiality is considered the top most priority in HIPAA compliant medical transcription. All networks and computer systems are to be protected by passwords and unauthorized access to data is restricted. All systems have to have assurance alert mechanisms moreover intrusion detection mechanisms installed. Only encrypted recorded files are to be transmitted through the internet. Only clients should have his code to access to the toll free numbers to dictate the message. HIPAA compliance for medical transcriptionists is that pro re nata all MT companies have to come under this act, even sole transcriptionists who do not work under any company but are freelancers also have to comply with the rules of this act.

Security plus confidentially are to be strictly practiced in a MT company. All these companies have to comply by the rules of HIPAA.

Online Medical Billing System ,Electronic Medical Records Software,Electronic Medical Billing Services

Online Medical Billing System contains a variety about uses. It decreases the amount of work for many those who have already bot hired internally by an organization or besides freelancing. So their results also rotate into much better since they can perform properly without creating much errors. The boring procedures of submitting forms, regularly calling up the insurance plan organizations to get comments on the position of insurance statements and even to make transaction statements personally step out regarding the screen when you choose online medical billing software.

In the existing way of medical billing, they’re applied to become a large quantity like paperwork. However with the advancement of new technological innovation arrived the convenience of operating from the house or on the other position as well as at any time, provided that the perform is online. So medical billing specialists can also now perform farther their houses as well as at any moment of their comfort, due to this Electronic Medical Records Software. On the further hand, for the program to raken best performing, specific points are to become carried under consideration. The medical billing professional’s portion of the job would be to call up insurance arrange organizations when anything seems wrong.

For instance, you will discover often returns of mediaids, mediclaims, or even insurance policy. But on a lot of events, these rejections happen due to some miscommunication or error on the part of the medical programming people. Even though the online billing software will definitely decrease the quantity of mistakes on the job, there’s also the necessity to get in touch with the insurance coverage companies straight, possibly via the online or by getting in touch with them up. But generally, such organizations are in various month areas from all those of the billing individuals, therefore the medical billing needs to be prepared at suitable times during the day for it to become more efficient.

Getting said this, the benefits of its versatility is the fact that no increased time does such experts have to earn a college exercising for this career.

The online medical software has benefits altogether the non-online editions of the Electronic Medical Billing Services . They’re: not demanding to sustain an internal web server, thus decreasing costs; not requiring to indigen charged for recurrent software up-dates, as which could be performed by online source; the majority of the online editions is HIPAA prepared and protected and lastly, your data, delicate and important, are saved online, so there’s no opportunity of dropping it due to the fact of a vigorously drive weakness alternative other internal problems. The only real major disadvantage could be excessive loyalty over the internet.

Key Things To Know About Medical Abortion

There are several important things which you should know nearly medical abortion. Before going for this policy you got to secure that you opt for the right options every single time. In order to terminate your pregnancy you need to dismantle the right steps and visit a suitable health master who could help you in this procedure. This article will deal with some cay things to know around medication abortion. These three things will really offer you some predominant help in this regard.

Medical abortion makes use of 2 different oral drugs which are used for clearing the uterus. It is a prominent substitute to the surgery and it is therefore known as a non-surgical abortion. But it is not complete safe and effective. This is why you should ponder carefully before going for this method. The important things which you should remember about this method from abortion are given below.

It is Not Successful All the Time

This is the most important thing that you should know. There is no guarantee that this rule will work plus you command be qualified to terminate your expectant inadvertently any difficulty. You got to be mentally prepared for any kind of result. Otherwise you might end up on the losing side. You need to ensure that you consume this medication under the advice of the doctor. There a number of situations that could suggest that you might have undergone an inchoative abortion.

This is a medication which should be consumed among the 9 weeks of the pregnancy. It is actually essential to go for regular checkups and a follow up check up once you have undergone the abortion procedure. This is unite of the most important things for you to do. Make sure that your association is in a good condition before you consume this medication. Otherwise you might end raise on the losing side.

It is completely safe

The breakthrough rate here is not 100 percent but still most of the ladies go for this method as it is completely safe. It is less painful as well and this is how people go for it instantly. The risk of facing a huge difficulty is quite less and this is why you can go for this systematization without thinking much.

So, these are unknown regarding the most important things which you need to remember in regard to medical abortion. For any other help you can consider talking to an expert.

How Custom Display Trailers and Mobile Medical Vehicles Make Exhibitions and Medical Missions Convenient

If you possess lived out there in your state’s hinterlands for a long time, and your place is close to a number of roads, chances are you’d be familiar near the various vehicles that pass by. You’d probably have seen some of these large semi-trucks hauling massive trailers decked out in dazzling advertising livery. These are actually full-function custom display trailers that are old for traveling exhibitions.

Traveling Exhibitions 101 Display trailers used for traveling exhibitions consistently come in expandable or non-expandable versions. The exhibitors themselves knead with the trailer provider to pick public the features that disposition be decked out in the trailer. These may include internal or external video monitors, foam insulation for temperature and sound control, an on-board power generator, and entry/exit doors for guests.

There are many advantages of fielding a usance uncover trailer in a traveling exhibition. For the smaller models, one or two people can perform the trailer as a special booth, saving on manpower. In case of inclement weather, the built-in contingency measures of trailers really cost less than setting up tents; the unit itself can have options to expand its canopy.

Helping Hands On-the-Go Sometimes, there are traveling groups that are not in urban for a local event or a new product promotion. One such example are healthcare professionals who are tasked to run medical missions in far-flung places, using only mode mobile medical vehicles to do their work. These can range from modified RVs to trailers of at least 50 feet long. A company that produces medical vehicles generally has the unit tailored to the client’s specifications. The clients themselves may vary, including healthcare providers, moderately sized practices or hospitals, and insurance firms.

A mobile medical vehicle is often a self-contained unit that has a modest quantity concerning equipment and medical supplies at the healthcare team’s disposal. The modules themselves allowed have expanding sections to help free up space for patients being treated inside. Some of the bigger medicinal vehicles may also feature complete laboratories and examination rooms.

An exhibition trailer is sole way to help spice up an event. A mobile medicative vehicle coming among your community on a mercy mission is quality maintenance waiting to happen. These amenities facilitate case and healthcare management, enabling organizers to provide convenience to participants et al patients. To learn more, check out